KTH Customs provides comprehensive Customs Clearance and Quarantine clearance requirements for, Imports, Exports and personal effects.

As a critical component of the global supply chain, professional & reliable Customs Clearance services have never been more important in the transport and logistics industry.

KTH Customs is owned and operated by professional Licensed Customs Brokers and Accredited Quarantine Brokers who have extensive industry knowledge and work closely with our Freight Services Team to ensure all of your shipments or goods are cleared as effortlessly & on time.

KTH Customs has an established & sound brokerage network covering all Australian ports. We are acutely aware of the importance of a swift, in-house Customs Clearance for our busy client base.  

KTH Customs, specializing in Customs Brokerage Services. This is our core business.


KTH Customs provides a wide range of services for customs brokerage, including:

  • Electronic Interface with Customs and Quarantine
  • Customs Clearance for Imports and Exports, and Personal Effects
  • Quarantine AQIS/DAFF Compliance and Processing Clearance
  • Tariff classification Advice
  • Tariff Concession Order Application
  • Valuation Advice
  • Duty Drawback Advice
  • Free Trade Agreement Advice
  • Temporary Imports, Carnets and Securities
  • Duty Refund / Drawback Application
  • Quarantine Import Permit Application
  • Treatment & Fumigation Advice
  • Food Importation Advice

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Customs Clearance should never costs your business, time or money. Let us show an easier trouble free way. 

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